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Pinecone Candle


Size & Burn Time

  • Small: 2” x 2” - Burn Time 2 hours

  • Large: 5” x 3” - Burn Time 40+ hours


Please note, just like in nature each Pinecone candle will be different and have its own unique flaws.


  • Minimum Burn Time for LARGE Pinecone:

    This candle varies in its diameter. It starts more narrow and then increases to 5”. Start burning the candle with a minimum burn time of 2 hours and then increase to 4-5 hours as you get to more of the candle’s girth.

    Remember to trim your wick to 1/4” as you burn the large pinecone candle!

    Burn Recommendation SMALL Pinecone: This candle allows you a shorter burn session so I like to categorize it as a “burn and blow” candle. Maybe not as quick a birthday candle though; establish a small melt pool before you blow it out.

    In general, the minimum burn time is equal in hours to the inches of the candle’s diameter. This is the shortest amount of time you want to burn your candles each time. You can burn for longer than recommended burn time but remember to pause and trim your wick throughout your burn.

    What will happen if I burn my candles for shorter durations than the recommended burn time? You will tunnel your wick.

    Tunneling happens when the liquid melt pool does not extend wide enough to the walls of the candle and your wick can’t hold a flame. Repeat burns that are too short will create a narrow tunnel limiting the amount of oxygen that can get to the flame. The wick will drown in its own melt pool and you’ll be left with a big chunk of wax that you can’t burn.

    So slow down and enjoy burning your candle :)

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