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A.M.F. Gallery

Welcome to A.M.F. Gallery, the hottest gallery at the Northrup King Building! There's a reason we're called "the cool kids on the block". Every wall, every case, and every corner is filled with art that is modern, fun, and will put a little swagger in your step.
The truth is, A.M.F. Gallery isn't just about the art - it's about the artists. Their unique styles, energy, and passion fill the gallery. They are a talented and amazing group, with diverse work and personalities. 

Feel free to browse through the website. Everything you see is available for pick-up or delivery. However, I have to say, nothing  beats the feeling of walking into the gallery, looking around, and connecting with the art in-person.
We have paintings, jewelry, mixed media, ceramics, and so much more. I look forward to meeting you - stop by anytime! 

Amira Freidson
A.M.F. Gallery
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